Living with herpes- as told by the goddess herself
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About: This is a blog about a single city gal living with herpes. Herpes is not living with me, although it does visit once in awhile.

Although as a goddess, one would think I could come down from Mount Herpetica to giveth and taketh the herpes, but that is not the case. What I can do is clear up any misconceptions about herpes, give some insight into what it's like to say "I have herpes," tell you how NOT to react when someone says these words to you, and basically show you that I'm a normal deity who just happens to have an incurable disease that is all too often a punchline.

By the way, I’m really crap about answering questions.  It’s not because I don’t love everyone who asks (because I do), it’s just because I get distracted by shiny things.  Or corgi videos.

Anonymous asked: Hail her majesty. I think u are so amazing I have genital herpes as well it has been a year since I've had it. As I'm reading your blog I realize that we go through the similar mood swings I'm greatful to know that there is someone out there to relate to. I pray you find your prince charming. Oh by the way how do I subscribe to your blog? I'm glad you made it, I was going through a depression and your blog changed my mood thanx xoxoxoxoxoxo

I think you heart my blog to subscribe?  I’m glad you found it- we ALL go through those damn mood swings.


Anonymous asked: I am a 19 year old girl and have just gotten the diagnosis after sleeping with somebody who had recently been tested and told he was clean (of course, the traditional tests don't test for it.) Can you give me some advice on what to expect? I feel crushed and dirty and like nobody will ever find me attractive again. I really need some advice right now.

Ugh.  Boys are crap.  

Expect a crappy first year and then it gets better.  You’ll meet idiots with and without it, but you’ll realize that you’re much better than it.  I’m having an OB right now and it was painful the first day, but now it’s gone.  

Keep your chin up!

If you need something to take your mind off things...
4 years later…

So it’s right around this time 4 years ago that I first received the wonderful gift from a not-so-wonderful person.  There are some things that could be better, but…

It’s less like this:

Because you’re not thinking about it all day, every day

You start to worry less that people are going to act like this when you tell them

And if they do have a problem, you can tell them this

So to all my friends, we are awesome.  Give me some of this:

Stress/herp correlation

I never put much thought into the “stress leads to an outbreak” thing, because some of my most tired/stressful times (when I’m working extremely long days in a row and am very tired) have not prompted anything.

Last week, however, I was shaking due to stress I thought I was going to have to be committed.  Long story short, my boss is crazy and is hell-bent on demoralizing me.  I wasn’t perfect, but I also wasn’t as screwed up as she thought.

Then BAM! painful outbreak, right near where I got my first outbreak.  I’ve had HSV-2 for about 4 years now, so outbreaks are rare and not often painful.  Usually just something I notice that goes away after two days.  

So basically- stress is not my friend.   

Also, dating still sucks.

Still not dead….

Just didn’t have my computer for awhile.  Still dating.  Still getting my heart broken.  On the flip side, my job sucks so bad that that takes up most of my time in life.

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Good god


(I cannot stop laughing what is wrong with me)

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Gangsta pineapple


I need this in my life forever.

I fail at first dates

So apparently I’m super funny online.  I’m pretty, witty, charming.  And then I meet a guy in person (recently they’ve all known about the herp, so that isn’t the issue).  

They say they want to see me again…and then they disappear.

One told me he was moving away, but then just emailed my herp account (I met him through my non-herp OK Stupid profile).

One just was too weird for words.  I’m not really mourning that at all.

One gave me a hug, a kiss on the cheek, and told me he wanted to see me again.  Sent him a thanks text, he sent one back, haven’t heard from him since.

I’m curious what exactly is wrong with me.

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